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I haven't exactly been a ball of joy, melvin

there's always tomorrow

25 November
about me.... i write crappy poetry. no- i like some of my stuff. for a while. i love music, mainly rock. very little hip hop, some latin music, not much into techno type stuff. i love reading- mainly anne rice, chuck p. ( wrote fight club), john saul, and irving welsh (wrote trainspotting). my favorite thing to do is go to concerts at the bottleneck or the granada. i would go the the boobie trap but no one will go me. i'm an animal person- dogs are soooo much better than cats! which is why i have 4.
"scary movies", a. ginsberg, angie, antiflag, apc, baby/zorroo/fatboy, benjamin martsolf, boys, casualties, chesse!, chevelle, chocolate (mmmmm), comedic movies, curt, daisy, deftones, dolly, ebben, from autumn to ashes, full length tragedy, furry animals, good friends, invader zim, jthm (jhonen vasquez), julie, kevin smith films, kids movies, kori, lola ray, lp, m.manson, msi, nightmare before christmas (jack!), poetry, soad, soty, staind, stewart, tammy, tekken, thc(rip), the bronx(from la), the hives, tool, tub ring, uncle f***er, vandals, wolfy